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Car Insurance or motor insurance is a vehicle insurance policy that safeguards your car from damages caused by inadvertent accidents or problems caused by natural disasters. The insurance policy can help you with the finances required for sorting out damages to your car and covers up your losses incurred due to the circumstances. You can also be covered by paying for third-party liabilities.

You can buy the basic car insurance plan too that includes the plan for Third Party Car Insurance Online and thus legally comply with the rules. Or you can compare car insurance online through Policy Mine and get the ultimate protection for your car with comprehensive coverage through car insurance policies offered by varied companies. You can also apply for car insurance online renewal through the site at affordable premiums, right away. It is easy to avail of NCB or no-claim bonus if there is no claims year-on-year for your car from the company. You can even check Car Insurance Online and file a claim quickly and easily.

Policy Mine helps you Compare Car Insurance Online that helps you cover for losses if your car is stolen, if it is caught in an accidental fire, if you face a personal accident, if you happen to cause damage to someone else’s car, or if your car is damaged by floods, cyclones, etc.

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