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Policy Mine has got you covered with your insurance needs in more ways than one. All you must do is register yourself, scour through different policies and plans for health, your vehicle, etc., and choose the best plans that suit your needs.

Once you find the best policy that fits in with your budget and requirements, you just have to pay the premium. Once the company receives the premium and qualifies you as the ideal candidate to receive the policy, you are good to go!

You can Download the Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy or download insurance by policy number from our website too. We will mail you the insurance details and you can download your insurance copy for safe-keeping. You can present your coverage to all authorized health care centers and hospitals for treatment and avail of the benefits.

How To Download Insurance Policy:

  • Log in to your account at the Policy Mine website
  • Check out the last insurance policy orders you paid for.
  • Download Insurance Policy Online by clicking on the relevant policy number and type of coverage.
  • Present the copy to the medical accounts division for claims and reimbursement.

Contact Policy Mine customer service representatives to address queries and for dispute resolution, today!