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A Commercial Vehicle Insurance is a tailored motor insurance policy that insures your vehicle from damages and losses along with the respective owner-driver. The insurance policy covers damages from accidents, collisions, calamities, fires, and the like. Get your Commercial Vehicle Insurance Online for your vehicle from Policy Mine, scouring through special policies offered by multiple insurance providers. You can also file commercial vehicle insurance renewal for vehicles that are used for commercial purposes like auto-rickshaws, buses, tractors, cabs, vans, and trucks.

Commercial vehicle insurance is essential for every business that owns one or many vehicles for commercial purposes. Irrespective of the Commercial Vehicle Insurance Cost , the plans seek to financially protect and cover the business from any inadvertent losses and damages caused due to accidents, collisions, and other problems.

At Policy Mine, we ensure you have the best commercial vehicle insurance plan online from a plethora of plans provided by insurance providers. Every cab service or school bus owner will benefit from comprehensive coverage of the insurance, ensuring their owners and passengers are protected and covered from any liabilities.

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Note: Liability Only policy is mandatory to protect you from third-party losses caused by your commercial vehicle.